Just. Keep. Making.


Hi! My name is Micah. Thanks for checking out my site. Genuine Article is a one-man studio located in lovely Akron, Ohio. The name comes from my desire to create well-made products that are authentic, functional and sincere. I'm most at home when creating in my studio - I get a lot of joy out of creating things that I know people will live with and use in their daily lives. There are few things better than a favorite t-shirt or a well-used notebook. So, check out my store and pick out some favorites.

You can find me at the Cleveland Flea or Crafty Mart in Akron - or shoot me a note if you'd like. Pen-pals welcome! 

Just keep making. Making art. Making way. Making trouble. Making out. Making up. Making change. Making decisions. Making waves. Making history. Making dinner. Making arrangements. Making faces. Making friends. Making time. Making love. Making excuses. Making preparations. Making mistakes. Making predictions. Making the cut.